Nutrition during breastfeeding

It’s crucial to establish a diet during breastfeeding that allows the mother to receive the maximum amount of beneficial macro and micronutrients to support her health. It’s also important to maintain the child’s health at a high level, for which a proper diet is needed. This concerns the issue of lactation and the nutrient content in breast milk. We explain everything about how to compose such a menu.

Nutritional features during lactation (breastfeeding)

In most cases, a mother’s diet during lactation will require maximum focus on health and obtaining all necessary nutrients. Therefore, the following features should be considered:

  • Sufficient calories. It’s necessary to increase the daily caloric intake, on average by 500 kcal. This will help you maintain the right energy balance and milk production at a sufficient level for the child;
  • Hydration. Also, do not forget about plain water, which is critically needed to support normal lactation;
  • Nutrient balance. Most often, special attention should be paid to the consumption of iron, vitamins, calcium, and protein. The body needs vitamins B, A, D;
  • Regular eating. It’s best to immediately create a regular eating schedule, without significant breaks. The body needs a stable flow of micronutrients at this time.

Thanks to all this, you will be able to maintain the health of the baby and yourself at a high level, as well as provide your body with everything necessary. This helps not only during the breastfeeding stage but also in recovery after childbirth.

What foods to avoid during breastfeeding

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Most often, the menu for breastfeeding mothers should not contain any products or substances that can harm the child. Therefore, you should refuse or limit:

  • Alcohol. Through milk, the substance can be transmitted to the child, which is a violation of all norms and rules of feeding;
  • Caffeine. Only moderate consumption is permissible. Excess can lead to significant anxiety and discomfort in the baby. Sleep will also be worsened;
  • Spicy spices. The child will feel an excess of spices, which easily change the taste of milk and make it unpleasant;
  • Certain types of fish. Various fish with a high mercury content are not allowed for consumption. This includes high-mercury fish like king mackerel.

As a result, you can control your diet and receive only the necessary nutrients for your child. Try to adhere to the nutrition program as responsibly as possible, so that in the end there are no problems for both you and the baby.

How to compose the right nutrition menu during breastfeeding

To compose the right menu, it’s better to turn to specialists. This will allow you to consider all the peculiarities of your body and develop an individual nutrition program. Most often, a balanced menu for each day will look like this:

  • Breakfast. You can take buckwheat with cottage cheese and vegetables, which will give you a reserve of energy and protein for part of the day;
  • Lunch. A great option would be a salad of leafy green vegetables with stewed fish or chicken breast with a whole grain side dish. This way, you can get a healthy portion of protein and vitamins, as well as complex carbohydrates;
  • Dinner. To get protein with micronutrients, you need to pay attention to fish and meat with a vegetable side dish.

Snacks. It’s best to stick to proven products like fruits, nuts, yogurts. Raw vegetables can also be used to maintain energy throughout the day.

Be sure to consider your individual needs and body peculiarities. Your personal health or diseases, as well as the baby’s problems, can affect this.

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Nutrition recommendations during breastfeeding

When composing a mother’s diet during breastfeeding, it’s necessary to adhere to various recommendations:

  • Diversify the diet. This makes it easier to get all the necessary nutrients;
  • Limit processed products. Sugar and processed products can contribute to weight gain. The concentration of nutrients in milk may also decrease;
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Try to return to your normal weight after childbirth, but do not torture your body with strict diets. This is the most rational decision, which will allow you not to experience problems with heartburn and other symptoms.

You will also need to consult with your doctor to get answers to questions and advice.

We recommend you to use the services of professionals now to create a nutrition program for you, taking into account all the individual needs of your body. This will achieve balance and provide the body with everything necessary, so you feel lively and energetic.

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