Nutrition for food intolerance

Food intolerance (FI) is a wide range of adverse reactions of the body to food: abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, rash, poor health. If food intolerance is not corrected, all these symptoms can negatively affect the overall well-being and worsen the state of health.

Intolerance and allergy - not the same thing!

Most patients do not know anything about intolerance, although it sometimes carries a much greater danger to health than a well-known allergy. Often people have an intolerance:

  • milk;
  • cereals;
  • legumes;
  • mushrooms;
  • berries, etc.
питание при пищевой непереносимости

According to medical statistics, today a lot of people observe symptoms of FI, but they do not know about it, because the body does not react immediately, as with allergies, but only after a few hours or even days.

Food allergy – is an immunological reaction based on the IgE mechanism. It manifests itself immediately after eating the product, develops rapidly, and its classic example is anaphylaxis.

Symptoms of FI

  • Gastrointestinal tract – discomfort and acute pain in the stomach, nausea, unstable stools, heartburn.
  • The skin – dryness, irritation, pustules, rashes, redness, itching.
  • General health – poor health, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, excess weight, sometimes urolithiasis.

It is extremely difficult to diagnose food intolerance yourself. You need to keep a food diary every day, conduct a blood test for the presence of antibodies to the most popular products.


Nutrition program

Ольга Безуглая
  • One of the common types of sensitivity is histamine intolerance, the diagnosis of which excludes foods rich in histamines and those that stimulate its production from the diet.
  • If lactose intolerance is detected, the nutritionist will select the most affordable and alternative products.
  • In case of gluten sensitivity, a specialist will form a ration of gluten-free products and teach the basic concept of the meal models.

Our nutritionist will help you with the diagnosis of food intolerance, select the necessary diagnostic algorithms and form a personalized balanced ration. At the same time, he will definitely take into account the needs of the body in nutrients, teach the rules for choosing products and their qualitative replacement.

Order a nutritional selection

  • The cost of the initial consultation with Dr. Olga Bezugla (unaccompanied)​ 150 $
  • Clinic nutritionist (unaccompanied) 100 $
  • The cost of dietary support for a month​ 100 $

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