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Dietetics – is the science and art that together guide you towards a long-neglected goal: health! Balance on the outside and on the inside, that’s what you should strive for when consuming food. A nutritionist will be able to help you tailor your diet to your body’s needs in order to create the best you.
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Olga Bezugla

Doctor therapist, clinical nutritionist, PhD, the founder of the

Dietetian Clinic dr.Bezugla.

Who could benefit from a consultation?

It would be helpful for you to meet with a certified nutritionist Dietetian Clinic dr.Bezugla, if you:

Want to lose weight

Want to regulate your nutrition and understand what kind of food is good for you

Wish to gain weight

Have diabetes or carbohydrate metabolism disorder, insulin resistance

Want to lower your cholesterol

Want to live long and look young

Have digestive problems, chronic gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, IBS, etc.

Have oncological diseases

Have an autoimmune disease

Have a kidney disease, such as urolithiasis

Have a cardiovascular problem or high blood pressure

Have a food intolerance

Pregnant or planning to become pregnant

Have had bariatric surgery

Have any chronic skin conditions

What does the nutrition program offer?

Everyone who signs up for a consultation or is a patient of Dietetian Clinic dr.Bezugla receives a customized plan to attain their desired results. The patient is given an individualized nutrition program, which outlines the path to achieving their goals in the first consultation.

The patient receives in the diet program:

  • Personalized recommendations for protein/fat and carbohydrate content, including meal patterns, meal times, portion sizes, etc.

  • A list of recommended foods and food exceptions, if indicated.

  • A strategy for changing eating habits.

  • A plan for a folow-up examination of necessary examinations.

  • Recommendations for the correction of detected conditions.

A strategy of building a diet for weight loss/maintenance or weight gain and alternative options for providing nutritional convenience.

Clinical nutritionist Olga Bezugla

Olga Bezugla – is an outstanding doctor, the founder of the clinic, physician-nutritionist, MD, PhD, bariatric nutritionist, and the dietitian expert of TV-projects on leading Ukrainian TV channels, such as Inter, 1+1, STB, Ukraine TV

  • Member of the Nutrition Society (London UK)
  • Member of the American Society for Nutrition
  • TV expert and medical consultant for leading Ukrainian TV channels
  • Author of 20 scientific publications
  • Participant of international scientific conferences and exhibitions
  • Specialist in development of personalized nutrition, taking into account a combination of the following medical fields: therapy, cardiology, endocrinology, allergology.
  • Certified specialist in the use of ketogenic diet in medicine.
  • Healthy lifestyle coach.

What awaits you after making an appointment?

If you have decided to change your life to become better, healthier, and more successful, then you may wonder how much the consultation costs and what it includes.

The cost of an initial consultation with a physician-nutritionist is 150 $.

The consultation includes:

  • Expert assessment of your diet.
  • Computerized diagnostics on InBody apparatus (body bioimpedance measurement, which conducts a weak electrical signal from one part of the body to another. Following the results of diagnostics, you receive a graphic printout of your results with a detailed description and recommendations for normalization of drinking regime, calorie intake, physical activity and selection of an individual program for correction of figure and weight loss (if necessary).
  • Composing your nutrition program based on health condition, laboratory tests, eating habits, and level of physical activity.
  • Communication with the doctor and nutritionist, with dietary adjustments if necessary or follow-up questions within a month.
  • A plan for follow-up examinations (if any changes in the health condition have been detected).
  • Analysis of laboratory values prior to the consultation.
  • Prescription of medicines, including vitamins for the correction of pathological conditions and changes of laboratory indices.
  • Formation of new strategies of eating behavior.
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