Olga Bezugla

Dietetics is gaining more and more demand in the healthcare market. This is reasoned by the fact that modernity causes quite a few eating disorders. The reason for this is the prevalence and mass popularity of social networks, through which people begin to compare themselves with someone else. Also, we should not forget about the wrong habits that are instilled since childhood. With all this it is necessary to fight. After all, constant therapy can positively affect the quality of further life.

A little information about me

I am a therapist, nutritionist Olha Bezuhla. Professionalism and proper education are extremely important for a true specialist. The main profession is the field of medicine. Also, experience is indicated by a candidate of medical sciences degree and qualification as a bariatric nutritionist. Membership in associations such as the Nutrition Society and the American Society for Nutrition provides more knowledge that you can apply in practice to help your own patients. Gaining experience began back in 2009 at the Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital. Since that moment, several jobs have been changed, and among them a private nutrition clinic in Kyiv, a medical center in Odessa. Since 2019 until now I have been working as a clinical nutritionist and I am the founder and head of the Clinic of nutritionist Olga Bezugla. It should also be said about participation in events, and in particular in the “International Conference on Medical Management” 2017, in the “School of Anti-Aging and Preventive Medicine” 2019. In 2020 I successfully completed the course “Dr Bergs Healthy Ketogenic Diet” in the USA and “Diet and Nutrition”.

Бариатрический диетолог Ольга Безуглая

What services clients can receive

It is quite important to define a clear list of services that an online nutritionist provides to their clients. This is useful for the comfort of potential patients and setting a preliminary budget. The main aspects of the activity are:

  • providing counselling;
  • diagnosing;
  • selecting the best diet to suit the client’s desires;
  • creating a diet to treat other illnesses;
  • ongoing support and regular check-ups. 

In this way, everyone has the opportunity to arrange a consultation and talk about their problems. Thanks to continuous professional development, the nutritionist will be able to prescribe the appropriate list of necessary things to be observed as accurately as possible. It is always possible to make an appointment with a nutritionist and get recommendations.

Why you should see a nutritionist

It is worth remembering that a person should strive to constantly improve their own life. This is, of course, due to many factors. But working with one’s diet also plays an important role. Through the ongoing services of a professional, a man or woman can effectively get rid of the negative effects of behavioural disorders. An ongoing diet plan will keep the body and health in good condition. Being in good health is a major key to happiness. After all, taking care of yourself is a direct manifestation of love and respect for your own body.