Nutrition for cancer cannot cure the disease, but it can both interfere with treatment and help it. The course of an oncological disease and its therapy are sensitive to the deficiency of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

A balanced healthy diet for patients with cancer gives not only a feeling of fullness, but also helps to go through complex treatment as comfortably as possible.

Principles of onco-dietology

Ольга Безугла
Oncodietology includes:
  • Primary prevention, which is aimed at reducing the risk of oncological diseases, eliminating or weakening the influence of adverse factors on the process of developing a malignant tumor. First of all, this is the complete elimination or minimization of contact with carcinogens.
  • Secondary prevention, which implies an individual approach to each person, depending on the type of cancer. When compiling the diet, in this case, the localization of the neo process, the stage of the disease and the type of treatment used are taken into account.

What can our cancer nutrition program do?

  • Working with eating behavior in case of increased or decreased appetite;
  • Optimizing the delivery of important macro and micronutrients to the body through food;
  • Work effectively with the gut microbiome;
  • Detoxification after a long treatment process;
  • Training on nutritional strategies based on disease needs.

Diet after chemotherapy

During chemotherapy, the patient especially needs the support of a nutritionist and a change in diet. At this time, there is a high risk of developing conditions such as “anorexia-cachexia syndrome”. This syndrome is associated with a refusal to eat, which leads to a lack of body weight. The food intake model and the structure of the diet should take into account the “safety of food”, the peculiarities of the work of the digestive and metabolic organs during this period.

Chemotherapy is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of smell and taste, and pathologies of the intestinal mucosa. Tolerance to chemicals is individual, and here it is extremely important to choose the right nutrition strategy, focused on personal needs and adverse reactions.

The nutrition programs for cancer patients, which are developed by our nutritionists, help to effectively treat and live a full life.

Order a nutritional selection

  • The cost of the initial consultation with Dr. Olga Bezugla (unaccompanied)​ 150 $
  • Clinic nutritionist (unaccompanied) 100 $
  • The cost of dietary support for a month​ 100 $