Selection of nutrition for weight correction

90% of visits to a nutritionist are related to the selection of nutrition for weight correction. Our client’s key goals are:

  • – reducing body weight;
  • – modeling of a beautiful figure;
  • – forming a healthy eating culture;
  • – improvement of well-feelings and quality of life.


Personalized nutrition selection for maximum metabolism – the first and foremost task, that our weight correction center aims to achieve.

No, and cannot be a basic one-size-fits-all ration that is equally good for everyone and everyone!!

Only an individual nutrition protocol, that is formed based on tests, eating habits, metabolism, and hormonal background of a particular human.

Where does weight correction begin? ​

Ольга Безугла

With an initial consultation with a nutritionist, which clarifies a number of important points and factors that affect the patient’s weight:

  1. Organism condition, presence of health complaints, digestion.
  2. Chronic diseases, hereditary, predisposition to obesity.
  3. Assessment of the actual ration and associated risks.
  4. Detailed considerations of dietary habits, daily routine, rest and sleep features.
  5. What foods are in the ration, what does the patient eat and drink during the day.


All this anamnesis is collected in a format of a conversation with a nutritionist. After that, the results of examinations are analyzed, and an individual balanced diet plan is prepared, aimed at correcting the weight.

What analysis does need to take before the consultation?

To conduct diagnostics of the causes of weight gain and to form a proper ration, taking into account the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and hormonal profile, the patient must undergo a series of analyses:

    • General blood and urine analysis.
    • HOMA Index.
    • Cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides.
    • Thyroid hormone, Thyroid peroxidase antibodies, free T4.
    • Glycated hemoglobin.
    • Hepatic enzymes.
    • Renal function: creatinine, uric acid, protein, potassium, sodium, chloride, phosphorus.
    • Calcium ionized.
    • Homocysteine.
    • Vitamin D (25-OH).
    • Ferritin.
    • Vitamin B12.

    You can take the analysis at any convenient laboratory. Results are valid for 1 month!

Анализы перед консультацией диетолога

Why exactly our weight correction clinic

  1. We make only personalized nutrition programs based on medical data and lifestyle.
  2. Easy and accessible communication with a doctor for dietary adjustments or clarifying questions within a month.
  3. We are forming a follow-up examination plan if changes in the state of health are detected.
  4. Developing new eating strategies that are guaranteed to help achieve the goal of weight loss and better health.

Order a nutritional selection​

  • The cost of the initial consultation with Dr. Olga Bezugla (unaccompanied) 150 $
  • Clinic nutritionist (unaccompanied) 100 $
  • The cost of dietary support for a month 100 $

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