Sports dietetics

Sports dietetics – the basis of results and achievements in sports. The physical strains increase the intensity of metabolic processes, which requires adequate replenishment of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

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A nutritionist will help choose a nutrition ration, taking into account all the features:

  • type of sport and level of physical activity;
  • intensity and frequency of training;
  • the need to reduce or gain body weight;
  • current parameters of your health;
  • individual preferences and allergic disposition.


The nutrition program developed by a sports nutritionist is recommended both for professional athletes and people who lead a physically active lifestyle.

The tasks that sports dietetics solves

  • Form a balanced basic ration for the athlete, taking into account its importance in improving the metabolic foundations of sports working capacity.
  • Evaluate energy expenditures and metabolic changes in a particular sport and select the ration needed to compensate for the changes that have occurred in the body.
  • Teaching patients how to build a ration to improve their physical performance and preserve of health.


It is important to remember about age, weight, health status, and features of each sport. For example, the diet of a 25-year-old boxer and a 40-year-old woman who works out on simulators 2 times a week will be very different.

In order to build the right nutrition strategy and make workouts as effective as possible, the nutritionist needs to learn everything about the patient’s metabolism. Determine which foods, in what volume and ratio should be included in the ration so that training does not harm health, but on the contrary – solves the tasks set: weight loss, muscle gain, strength, and endurance growth, etc.

спортивная диетология

The sports nutrition program involves:

  • The development of a personalized ration taking into account the characteristics of the sport, the intensity of physical activity, sports goals, and food preferences.
  • Detailed consultation by application of specialized sports nutrition products.
  • The organization of a balanced diet in order to optimize the training process and improve sports achievements.


Based on the collected information and taking into account the wishes of the patient, our sports nutritionist will make an individual diet containing a set of specific dishes and products, as well as a personal meal schedule.

Order a nutritional selection

  • The cost of the initial consultation with Dr. Olga Bezugla (unaccompanied)​ 150 $
  • Clinic nutritionist (unaccompanied) 100 $
  • The cost of dietary support for a month​ 100 $

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