Nutrition for pregnant women

A balanced diet during pregnancy – the basis for the proper development of the child, who has an increased need for nutrients in the womb.

Often, while waiting for the baby, women experience a change in eating habits and go to extremes: either «eating for two», or severely limit themselves for fear of gaining too much weight. All of this is detrimental to the health of the expectant mother and the development of the baby.

Nutrition during pregnancy – a responsible process, on which a woman’s well-being and the health of the baby depend. Therefore, it is extremely important to tune in to work with a nutritionist, who will help you find a balance between delicious and healthy.  

The right diet - is a healthy and beautiful pregnancy

A diet for pregnant – is a balanced individual ration consisting of the future mother’s favorite foods, but in the right proportions and combinations. The emphasis in the ration is on foods with the maximum content of useful substances for the development of the child.

A nutritionist develops a personalized nutrition program and menu for pregnant, taking into account a number of factors:

  • the timing and characteristics of the pregnancy;
  • the mother’s chronic illnesses and the extent to which they are compensated for;
  • conditions that occurred as a result of pregnancy (e.g., constipation or heartburn), or changes in food and taste priorities during that period of time;
  • religious and national food traditions.


Properly designed eating patterns and ration structure will help alleviate a number of symptoms and prevent deficiencies and complications in pregnancy.

Nutrition for pregnant: what does the program include?

    • An individualized nutrition plan containing the necessary nutrients for the normal development of the baby and the well-being of the mother.
    • Ability to reduce the appearance of unpleasant symptoms and avoid problems typical of pregnancy – toxemia, edema, decreased hemoglobin levels.
    • Control of weight gain and the possibility to avoid gaining extra pounds during pregnancy.
    • You will be able to develop eating habits that will help you to quickly recover after childbirth, to regain and maintain a slim figure in the future.


    The normal weight gain during pregnancy is 10-12 kg. The dieticians at our center will help you optimize and balance your ration so that you get everything you need for your health and the development of your baby, and at the same time you won’t gain too much!

Order a nutritional selection

  • The cost of the initial consultation with Dr. Olga Bezugla (unaccompanied) 150 $
  • Clinic nutritionist (unaccompanied) 100 $
  • The cost of dietary support for a month 100 $

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