Дієта без солі

Salt-free diet for weight loss: benefits and risks

This diet plan involves almost completely eliminating salt from your diet. It is recommended for improving health and aiding weight loss. The main reason is the reduction in the time the body retains water. This can also improve cardiovascular system function and lower your blood pressure. At the same time, completely eliminating salt can disrupt the electrolyte balance, thus negatively affecting health.

This article discusses all the advantages and disadvantages of such a diet plan.

Benefits of a salt-free diet

The main benefits include:

As a result, you may feel healthier and more energetic throughout the day.

How salt consumption can be harmful

Among the most important downsides are:

For these reasons, people often switch to such a diet plan.

Recommendations for reducing salt in Your diet

There are several essential recommendations to follow to incorporate such a diet into your life:

Another essential tip is to consult a specialist who can help you create the right diet plan. With their help, even without salt, you can feel good, and your body will receive all the necessary nutrients.