фолієва кислота для збалансованого харчування

Can folic acid be harmful

Folic acid can significantly affect both a woman’s body and her fetus. For these reasons, vitamin B9 deserves attention and consideration. This element is crucial for the normal development of a child and the prevention of anemia. Therefore, we will discuss whether folic acid can be harmful and what benefits it may have.

What is folic acid

Known as B9, folic acid plays a vital role in the body’s cell division, growth, and DNA formation. It is particularly important for pregnant women. The vitamin can promote the proper development of the fetus’s neural tube and prevent various defects.

Where is folic acid found

In most cases, you can find this element in a wide variety of foods, including:

This makes it easy to incorporate the element into your diet and start consuming it. Folic acid is also found in various cereals, often featured at breakfast. This makes vitamin-rich products accessible to everyone interested.

Negative consequences of taking folic acid

While this element is important for health, an excess of folic acid can lead to a number of negative consequences, especially when taken as a supplement without a doctor’s prescription. Here’s what could happen:

Most often, such consequences can occur for a person only if the element is consumed in too large quantities without medical supervision. Therefore, a balanced diet, best compiled with a specialist, can help you avoid these issues. As a result, you can reap all the benefits of folic acid without encountering problems.