Вітамін В12 в харчуванні

Why Vitamin B12 is so important

First and foremost, B12 is a water-soluble element essential for a wide range of functions in your body. It enables the formation of new red blood cells, DNA production, and maintains the entire nervous system in a normal state. It is also an element involved in metabolism. Therefore, we recommend you read a brief material on the benefits and features of the vitamin, as well as how to obtain it.

Features of Vitamin B12

Among the main features, its origin is notable. It is the only vitamin that contains cobalt, meaning it includes a metal. That is why it is called cobalamin.

A special protein required for its absorption is created in the stomach. With certain gastrointestinal diseases, there can be a problem where the protein will not be produced, and therefore, absorption will be impaired.

Vitamin sources are most often animal products. This puts vegans and vegetarians at risk, as they need to pay extra attention to their product choices. There are categories of cereals and others that have been specially fortified with the element.

What contains Vitamin B12

Most often, the vitamin can be found in a large variety of different products, including:

Try to pay attention to your diet and adjust it so that the necessary elements are on your table every day.

How to recognize a Vitamin B12 deficiency

In most cases, a deficiency can be recognized by several symptoms:

We recommend consulting a doctor as soon as possible if your symptoms match. At the same time, we can advise you to consult specialists who will help you create a quality balanced diet. Thanks to this, your body will regularly receive all the important microelements and will not experience a deficiency.